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Lack of information and the very slow progression of hearing problems are two major pitfalls.

Loud Sounds - If you choose to listen to a sound you like, your music or your motorbike engine, you will unwittingly ignore warning signals from the brain when that sound gets too loud. If you listen to your favourite music above 90 dB, your brain releases feel-good chemicals, increasing the tendency to play your music even louder.

Impulse noise can do more damage than you might think. Peak noise is a large amount of sound energy released in a short period of time, or a sound with a lot of energy around a narrow frequency band, like firework blasts or hammering. Many musical instruments produce impulse noise. This causes higher sound exposure than official readings show: approximately 10 dB higher for musical instruments and 16 dB for the firing of guns. (Every increase of 3 dB doubles the sound pressure.)

Acoustics – a small room with smooth, hard walls amplifies sound significantly.

Hearing protection fights the symptoms but is not necessarily the correct solution. A lot of talking and shouting at parties can be more aggravating when you use hearing protection, because sound exposure in your head becomes very high when your ears are blocked. Sometimes, “over-protection” and spending too much time in silence can increase the problems of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Dealing with hearing problems:
Worrying about the situation is the biggest danger. You need to maintain a practical approach and learn how to cope, which means avoiding too much focus on negative aspects.


Hearing damage cannot be cured and every remedy has its side-effects. Improvements achieved with surgery and/or technology do not compare to the ease with which a pair of glasses corrects eyesight.

High quality hearing aids are very expensive. Badly adjusted hearing aids can damage the ears unnecessarily. Hearing aids that block the ear canal can cause a sensation of pressure in the ear. Moreover, irritation can lead to an excess of earwax or even chronic ear infection. Perspiration and humidity can cause electronic problems.

Surgery: With extreme hard-hearing or deafness, it is of course a blessing to be able to hear again after surgery. However, surgical procedures are risky and have their limitations.
Hearing protection always distorts the sound. This often poses a problem to people working in the music industry, but with regular use of hearing protection the brain adapts and a professional musician should be able to function properly. Using multiple forms of protection is also possible. Even though working with hearing protection might cause some discomfort, in most cases it is unfortunately necessary. Give your brain time to adapt.

Pressure in the ear and 'booming' sounds can occur by blocking the ear canal with an in-ear monitor, headphones, unprofessional hearing protection or a low quality hearing aid. This boosts lower frequencies, making it harder to hear and at the same time may result in greater sound exposure.

Situations on the street can become dangerous when the perception of warning signals is hindered by, for example: hearing loss, listening to music or excessive use of hearing protection.

Feeling isolated, suspicious or being extra alert are all possible side-effects of hearing loss and the use of hearing protection. Because we no longer hear the higher frequencies, we cannot hear “space” and therefore have difficulty determining where a sound comes from. This can lead to a sense of lost control, making us feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Because of lost ' hearing space', it is difficult to understand what people are saying when in a large group.


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