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Hearing problems and their related issues are very complex and multiple factors often play a role in the development of various forms of aural impairment. A lack of awareness of these factors together with very gradual development, increase the chances of developing hearing problems.
At a young age: Hearing problems can be hereditary or develop at a very young age, in which case learning to live with them quickly becomes normal.
Most hearing damage occurs in the first five years of exposure to excessive noise.

Sound : It is logical that standing too close to exploding fireworks is painful and can directly lead to hearing impairment. But noise can also be harmful when your ears do not hurt. It all depends on how loud the noise is and how long you are exposed to it. Listening to music at around 90 decibels every day, is best limited to one hour or less. It is inadvisable to stand near loudspeakers at a pop concert for more than one minute…

Your body: Infections, trauma, stress or medication can lead to hearing damage or hearing problems with an “internal” cause. Personal risk is determined by factors such as ear sensitivity and a family history of hearing problems.
Physical: chronically over-tensed muscles and problems with the back, shoulders and neck can play a role in for example tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Psychological: overstimulation caused by too much work-related stress, personal problems, too much noise and even the ‘kick’ of playing your music too loudly can aggravate or even result in hearing problems.


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