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ZEM Hearing Protection
Lets you hear what you need to hear. Protects against harmful noise.
General information and applications.
Looking for silence? Learn about possible downsides at the bottom of this page.

ZEM 26 Hearing Protector
General average sound exposure

- in noisy situations where communication and hearing warning signals has to be possible.
- light machinery
- for musicians playing acoustic or slightly amplified music – also for wind instruments
- piano tuning of not too loud instruments with little peak exposure (in the area of c-2 to c-3)
- train (driver and passenger), lorry, car, aeroplane

ZEM 31 Hearing Protector
General~high noise exposure and peak exposure
- in noisy situations where communication and hearing warning signals has to be possible
- heavy machinery
- gun shooting
- for musicians in extremely loud acoustic conditions and heavily amplified music.
- tuning of loud pianos (most pianos are loud) with high peak noise (in the area of c-2 to c-3)
- train (passenger), lorry, car, aeroplane

oorbewustzem-26hp oorbewustzem-31hp

ZEM Headphones - models 26 and 31 -  Unique combination of Hearing Protector and

- Professional use on stage and in recording studios, as an alternative for the ‘in-ear monitor’ or headphones, without irritation of the inner ear.
- Personal audio - to relax, or in situations with a lot of noise.
- For persons suffering from tinnitus and/ or hyperacusis. To be used in combination with ‘Free Noise’ or other quiet background sounds or music.

zemtips Instruction VIDEO - using the ZEM

ZEM’s superiority in sound attenuation
ZEM (Zwislocki Ear Muffler) differs from traditional hearing protection in the high quality with which ZEM reduces low frequencies. Because attenuation is even and highly effective, speech is not concealed or distorted.
The patented ZEM sound filter is based on physical principles and gives an even attenuation, in lower frequency areas as well in the higher, more damaging areas.

Unique design
Conventional hearing protection, like earplugs and earmufflers, tries to prevent sound entering the ear by closing it off. ZEM, on the other hand, takes the sound away from the ears. The ZEM compartments work as if they are a vacuum, pulling sound away from the ears. This is the reason that ZEM feels airy and does not cause a feeling of pressure on the ears.

Scientific innovation
ZEM’s patented design uses the mechanical energy of sound waves (not-electronic Sound Cancelling) to cancel them out before the sound reaches the ear. The theory behind this design connects complex principles of the behaviour of sound with this specific design, that has been developed and perfected by world famous professor of neurology, Dr. Jozef Zwislocki.

ZEM – how it Works

Good performance
High, even attenuation of all frequencies
No sound distortion
Shuts out harmful noise, but lets speech and other important sound signals through

Adjustable headband
Comfortable when used for long periods of time

Increased safety
Good understanding of speech
Good hearing of warning signals
No need to take ZEM off during a conversation
Less stress and improved concentration, by good muffling and a more even sound

Can be kept in (breast)pocket (folded: 15x6x3 cm)
Can be hung around the neck for a short while

Experience the ZEM-26, where loud and harmful noise is suppressed, while you can still participate in conversations around you.

Working with ZEM-26 or ZEM-31 will improve your concentration and productivity and you will feel better at the end of the day.
ZEM… a safe world of sound for your ears.

Looking for silence?
Watch out for 'over-protecting' - too much silence is not always good.
About 'too much silence': when you are over-sensitive for sounds - especially when there is chronical 'fright for' and 'irritation of' sounds, for instance in case of tinnitus or hyperacusis - there can be the tendency to look for silence as much as possible. That will be only effective when one is able to really relaxe fully.
Silence can be a problem when there is a chronic 'fright-reaction', a continuing state of (over-) alertness - whether there are sounds or not. Than this 'frightfull alertness' for sounds will be present when you are in silence or when using hearing protetion.
The advice is to use relaxing background noise (Free Noise - Oorbewust) or soft music when in silent circumstances, so... also when using hearing protection.
To combine hearing protection and listening to music is now possible with the ZEM Headphone.

Example: I have got tinnitus and hyperacusis and want to do fitness. Even with hearing protection sounds still frighten or irritate me, like falling weights and non-inspiring music. With the ZEM Headphone I listen to soft sea-noise. This takes annoying sounds (fitness and tinnitus) out of my field of attention. My over-alertness is calmed, I feel less irritated, I enjoy my practice more and feel refreshed after the fitness session.


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