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Personal advice
A personal interview can help find starting points to learn to live with hearing problems and sound-exposure. Preferably in person, but by telephone is also an option. My experience with hearing problems such as tinnitus, hyperacusis and distortion and my background as a professional musician and sound engineer can serve as a familiar soundboard. This is the starting point for finding solutions together.

Hearing problems
“There is no cure, you will have to learn to live with it" This is what many doctors say, especially with hearing problems such as tinnitus and hypersensitivity. Pity that they never tell you how you can learn to live with it. The search for solutions can take you to all sorts of remedies that don’t work, with unwanted side-effects. Sometimes they cost ten Euros; sometimes they cost thousands of Euros. I would not advocate medication or expensive treatments if it can be avoided. Be cautious especially when a remedy performs 'wonders'. Concerning all specific personal factors that may contribute to hearing impairment, looking for a solution can be a difficult undertaking.

Living and working with sound.
There are many misconceptions about dealing with sound and risk of hearing damage. For example, even if you don’t experience any ear pains, you can get tinnitus or hearing damage. Examples of a spanner in the works are: unnoticed sound peaks, bad (‘loud’) acoustics, getting a kick from loud noise and addiction to sound. This goes for everyone who exposes themselves to excessive noise, from hand tools, musical instruments or amplifiers on the dance floor. Often, we think we cannot do our work as a professional when the sound is softer. But hearing protection has become necessary for most professionals in the music industry. My intention is to see if we can work in a different way and look for a proper dosage of sound exposure, with and without the use of hearing protection.

Hans Troost

A donation for a consultation is appreciated. It funds maintenance of this site and continuation of advising people on matters of sound exposure and hearing problems.


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